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  Our key 7 step process:

  1. move furniture
  2. ​​pre-vacuum & pre-cleaning
  3. Deep cleaning
  4. post extraction &​ post spotting
  5. protective treatment
  6. restore the nap
  7. replace furniture

Dries in 3-5 hours


Oriental & Persian Rugs

Using the most effective cleaning agents on the market, we can clean your

finest Oriental & Persian rugs, with the utmost care.  The multi-cleansing process includes special fiber softeners to make your fabrics feel like new and the optic brighteners to restore the luster of original colors.

Our seven-step process is key to our success:

  1. We carefully move all your furniture .
  2. The Preparation before the cleaning process has two parts:
    • Pre-Vacuum: We use a heavy duty industrial extractor to go over and pre-extract any loose soil or grit.
      • Corners and edges with the nozzle are done thoroughly.
    • Pre-Cleaning: we apply our special spotter treatment on the carpet and work on any stains or heavy traffic lanes that need a little extra attention.
  3. ​​Cleaning: A special foam is then applied into the carpet using our rotary shower feed machine. 
    • disinfecting as we clean
    • lifts up any deeply lodged soil 
    • loosening any embedded soil at the base of the fibers
  4. The Post-Cleaning process has two parts:
    • Post-extraction process: at the end, we reinspect the carpet for any additional extraction that is needed and re-extract as needed.
    • Post-spotting process: at the end, we reinspect the carpet for any remaining stains and re-spot wherever necessary.
  5. An exclusive protective treatment is added to shield your fabrics and give them a resiliency against any future soil or spills.
  6. Our special carpet groomer is the last step as it lifts the nap and restores your heavily matted traffic areas.
  7. Your furniture is put back with furniture protectors under the legs.  At this point, your carpet is 80% dry and you can walk on it as long as you’re not tracking any soil in from the outdoors.  (Completely dry in 3-5 hours!)

**There’s no preparation necessary at all on your part, unless you have small items  you prefer moving yourself.

We serve many communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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  • Clean Fabrics
  • Increase indoor air quality
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Founded in 1994, Red Carpet Company, serves the Greater Boston areas, providing high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices!

Our key to success is the 7 step process:!

  1. move furniture
  2. ​​pre-vacuum & pre-cleaning
  3. Deep cleaning
  4. post extraction &​ post spotting
  5. protective treatment
  6. restore the nap
  7. replace furniture

upholstery cleaning
  • Fabrics feel & smell new
  • Optic brightness & luster restored
tile, grout, and linoluem cleaning
  • Once-a-year cleaning
  • Restore, brighten, & seal

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Carpet Cleaning
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