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  • Clean Fabrics
  • Increase indoor air quality
upholstery cleaning
  • Fabrics feel & smell new
  • Optic brightness & luster restored

  Commercial Cleaning:

  1. Buildings
  2. ​​Office parks
  3. Individual Offices
  4. Stores
  5. Hotels & Motels
  6. Restaurants, Bars, & Theatres
  7. Other Commercial Establishments

Dries in 3-5 hours

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COMMERCIAL Cleaning processes

  • Solutions for every building type.
  • Including high-rises!

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Founded in 1994, Red Carpet Company, serves the Greater Boston areas, providing high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices!


Buildings  |  Offices  |  Stores  |  Hotels

​​The typical 9-to-5 workday has become a thing of the past.  So, office buildings, hotels, and other businesses open to the public now have new challenge as to when cleaners can come in to complete a job.  The Red Carpet Company works with you to come up with a solutions to meet this new dilemma.

Part of the solution is The Red Carpet Company processes that use much less water than typical “steam cleaners,” allowing for faster drying and a return to use within 3 to 5 hours. This offers distinct advantages for facility managers looking to clean their carpets, floors, and textiles in an efficient and effective way. And, unlike a typical “steam cleaning”, our systems use a gentle agitation that has proven to be more effective for cleaning high traffic common areas.

Our portable equipment allows us effortless movement within high rise buildings without the inconvenience of long hoses: eliminating the risk of damage to your walls and corners!  And, this system allows us easy and efficient access to your heavily used common areas.

The "Red Carpet Treatment" does not leave a smell or a sticky detergent residue on the carpet or upholstery that may attract soil to the fibers found in other systems. Residue contributes to rapid re-soiling: leading to a shortened product life cycle.  Our proven process helps to maintain the lifespan of fibers! For example, we cleaned several hundred chairs at a local Doubletree Guest Suites Hotel which the maintenance manager originally thought were “hopeless” to save. After applying our "Red Carpet Treatment" to their chairs the end result was “almost new” chairs, enabling our client to save thousands of dollars in replacement costs and generating a very, very, happy manager.

Any time of the year is a good time to flush the dirt out of a commercial carpet with a deep restorative extraction and cleaning.  Upholstery cleaning is important to maintain the freshness, appearance, and longevity of a fabric. All of our cleaning procedures are completed with an application of a protective coating to repel stains and spills, thus adding longer protection against future damage.

We can work with you to establish a carpet, flooring, and upholstery maintenance program that suits your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate – request a quote or contact us today!

We have excellent references from hotels, offices, stores, and other commercial establishments in the Greater Boston Area which we’d be happy to furnish upon request.

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We serve many communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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