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Floors and a Kitchen's backsplash

Tile, grout, and linoleum take a beating over time; periodically, they need special treatment to restore their original look and feel. Red Carpet Cleaning can help you bring your tile, grout, and linoleum surfaces back to life.  Here’s how we do it!

Our three-step process is key to our success:

  1. We begin by giving the floor a good scrubbing with a commercial grade rotary floor machine that uses a firm high-grade shampoo brush and a balanced cleaning solution. This grade of brush does an amazing job of traveling through the grout lines without damaging the grout.
    • Edges and corners are done by hand, using an edging brush.
  2. The dirty solution is removed with our commercial wet/dry vacuum, followed by a thorough floor rinse with a clean mop.
  3. Our final step is to add a sealer to the tile and grout.
    • Linoleum is treated with a “high shine” product.
    • All of these sealers add a micro-thin layer of protection on the stone or linoleum surface and make the protected surfaces easier to maintain.

This procedure in no way changes the look, feel or texture of the tile, grout, or linoleum.

We serve many communities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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The Red Carpet Company

  Our key 3 step process:

  1. Pre-cleaning
    1.  Strip off the dirt
  2. Extract any remaining dirt
  3. Protective treatment

Dries in 3-5 hours

tile, grout, and linoluem cleaning
  • Once-a-year cleaning 
  • Restore, brighten, & seal

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Tile, Grout, & Linoleum Cleaning processes

Founded in 1994, Red Carpet Company, serves the Greater Boston areas, providing high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices!

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